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in hand and begins to terrorize these two women. pointing a gun at both women, he de mantdz an money. e assistant manager starts opening the safe while the othth ground. you can't help but just feel hor able especially for the cash year who is down on the ground and he is standing over here. you can see how her legs are just shake the whole time she told our detectives or deputies that she communicated to him that he sheanted to go home to her baby. and he said as long as you follow the instructions you can go home to your babe bimplet he starts grabbing all the cash. you can see him struggling to pick up the money. he reaches in the store and grabs a giftback bag. loads everything into a gift bag long with their cell phones and then exits the store. >> it's very frightening you noasm it would be very frighting for someone to point a gun at you. >> police believe he got away nay red suv infiniti fx22
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we have very good images of him and we're really hoping that someone will be able to help us identify him. >> so police believe if you know that man, you'll be able to recognize him from the joivmentd if have you any information at all call crime stoppers that. phone number 954-tips tips. reporting in west park. vanessa medina . 7 news. >> lynn: thanks vanessa. police searching for a missing man in ssm jerry j thompson here disappeared december 14th. well over a month ago. 6 feet, two himplegs hall and he was 180 pounds lacht seen in northwest 10th street in mie and 5th street. if you see him or have a`y information call police at 305 305-603-63. that's miami pd by the way. and a hit and run driver that was struck has died. a car suddenly jumped a curb and
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this movement another agent standing with him was also hit and recovering ch the driver gore dana ro sal is arrest said texted the 21-year-old charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident. >> it ways turbulent trip for passengers from miami heading to milan to take a detour. ann keil withhis story. >> it dropped and everything went flying and people and very nerve racking. passengers describing the terrifying moments american airlines flight 206 from miami to milan making an emergency landing in canada after severe tur beau whrans. it hit like a big dip and then the flight attendants were without seat belts and they hurt themselves a an then the other people i guess passed out. rough weather hitting over the atlantic. the violent forced to land in new finland canada around 8:30 p.m. sunday. air traffic control quickly
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>> there's a flight attendant bleeding on the way to the doctor at this time. so that's the most urgent one. the others will need attention but they are okay. >> this pictures taken moments after the boeing 767 landed at st. john's international airport. ambulances seen on the tarmac and cameras catching emt's rushing towards the aircraft that had03 people on board n. total seven people hurt. four passenger and three flight tean dafnt. airline saying the seat belt sign w on when the plane was crokd by the turbulence. it was very brownd. never ever like that. and american airlines release age statement snaig apartment. we are take care of our passengers and crew. and we are worng the next steps to get them safely to their destination.
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so you know, it was square rivment just praying the whole time because it was scary. the uninjured passengers making their way to their desired zest ta nation with the help of the airline and we're told that plane staid over night atthe airport. reporting from miami inn ip airport. ann key. 7 news. >> lynn: coming in off the satellites tonight. an earthquake leaving residents shaken nup alaska. a 7.1 quake ralgt the area sunday morning ch the powerful shots causing gas leaks and fires in several homes. one family baishly making it out alive. >> i found out later in the morning probablybout 5:00, 6:00 in the morning that my house was gone the national guard is providing shelter for displaced residents. >> and cameras capturing a big bolt copping down in texas. lightning striking a tree near dallas fl the blast nearly splitting that tree in half and scattering debris in the parking
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>> a police chase turningnto a rescue mission in california. two men bailing out of their car duringng a traffic stop near sacramento. they crossed the river and hid in a cold canyon for several hours among freezing temperatures. the pair eventually called 911 beg for hecht the men were rescued the following morning and taken into custody. >> i've never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew they would be dry and warm. >> one of the men was on parole at time. the other had four active warrants at time of hairs rest. >> danielle: also on 7. super bowl 50 is sevment the golden match up will featu one quarter back who say stranger to the imig game and a another quarter back who say first time contender. >> lynn: it will be g. sports director steve shapiro live in the plex with what he has to say
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>> thank you ladies. super bowl five. cam knew inton v%rsus peyton manning. each drafted no. 1 for the quartete back. 39-year-old peyton manning is back in the supergame for the 4th time. it's a great honor to be going back to the superowl. playing super bowl 50. it's -- i'm really looking forward to. it a fun two weeks. >> 26-year-old cam newton gets in for the first time in his 5th season. >> it was the process. it wasn't going to be quick grits but long cooked column ard greebz. i think thre they are brewing right now. you can can smell it from a mile way. >> newton and the carolina panthers are four-point fav vessments they bring the best record in the league, 17 and one. not about getting there or being part of it but winning it. that lbt main focus. that focus in on who we play and that's den jempt game matches
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the improve able force. the panthers lead the nfl in scoring. the denver broncos lead the league in defense. defense wins championships. they said we couldn't see cover the the receivers and we shut them down. while newton is predrict directed to be this season's mvp. five time previous lit mvp. man sght sentimental favorite in the super bowl. he will be 40 in march and this will likely be his last hor ra. >> just taking it one week ate time and stage point patient. that's been the advice that ierd i've tried to to follow and i think it's served me well so far. >> i know a lot pevment just like mix we're not done yet. we've been diewntd slated. all of the above but yet when have you turn jowts like this today. it makes it all worthwhile. newton against mang.
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super bowl no. 50. february 7th. santa clara california. i'll be back next hour in sports in the plex. steve shapiro. 7 news. >> all right steve. thank usm coming up on 7 news. an officer ambushed and lucky to be alive. tonight he is sharing his emotional story with just one station. and a king pin's former mansion being dise mollished. crews kicking and dilg discovering something underground. and a bride and groom weatherer age historic storm. >> and on this monday our south florida cold snap has passed. coming up we'll talk about this warming trend. stay tune f f your forecast. 7 news now bricking you more news than any other nation the country with three exa hours of today in florida. surch day's 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. just one station has you covered. 7 news.
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>> a super size wintete storm leading to blizzards in wung new yoork city couple. they went it to in the wallop to show their true love. >> lynn: despite blizzard cans and a lot of people not showing up. the couple pound a way sto say i do i. sorry. a i'm all he choked up craig. craig has the story >> craig: you wanted to be the perfect day but it was far from that from the guests and the weather in between. not the way they planned it but nothing was going to get in the way of them becoming husband and wife. >> i bought my wedding snow he boots a month ago. >> craig: she needed them on her wedding day.
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snow with her wedding bus drerchld up and had to take the subway because of the driving ban. >> it was incredible. we partied with strangers. itas just a lot of fun. i think our pictures will be next level. ashley and her husband casey who are from long island invited 200 or so guests. more than 100 couldn't make. it some traveling from other states despite the blizzard. we can't say thank you enough to our family and friends o who made it because it made our day and a know ashley is happy and that makes me happy. this is mot the first time snow played a major role in her life. she was born nay snow storm and a blizzard hit on her 30th birhday. it was almost snowed out. literally two feast snow for a 30th birthday a all during the day when whihi we over came and held anyway but it was with
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she beat the snow to rief in 24 world and pulled it off this way a. when life gives you lemons, you make lemon naismed they couldn't use the limousine after the wedding was oaf to get to the reception. what did they do? they walked to the streets through the big apple storm. whatever. no one cared. in the plex. i'm craig stevens. 7 news. love. it got to love love. love is grand even in the snow. much more ahead nigig from the news station. a group of kids learning to shoot hoops with a proafter a neighbor tries to ruin their fun. plus, new year, new bed room. quick tips to stern your sleeping place into something fresh in tonights room for improve meant. and we're following breaking story. video we got into the 7 news plex of the escapee who broke ieftop car. he has been cawvment you see here. he has been cuffed and now going back to jail. more on the story coming up.
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>> >> craig: i'm craig stevens. hello again. coming up at 6:00. an officer is lucky to be alive after being ambushed in his cruiser to. night his story of survival. you'll hear it on just one station. also firsting on 78, as a leg drug lords mansion being demolished and something in the rubble shows it's head. and belkeys took the d off. lynn and i will be here. hope you will too at 6:00.
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>> >> danielle: a group of florida kids getting the ul ca met shaq surprises. the ultimate nba cham and reserved police officer picking the perfect opportunity to crash a pick up game. a game a police officer got a complaint about kids outside playing bass get ball. >> >> lynn: i think we told but this story on friday. instead of take action the cop joined in on the fun and sheldon fox reports he he returned about big basketball back up.p. >> >> reporter: how often does a basket gal legend show up for a game hoops. so this moment orchestrated by gainesville cops is one to cher cher i've. i told you ways going to bring some back up right. >>? yes. you guys ready?
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white responded to a complaint about kids making too much noise while playing ball. someone called in to complain about kids playing cast bas cet ball on the streets. offir white showed up to o to the complaint. >> i broroht other back up for you. bleep. this o is our back up. >> oh my gosh, you're huge. >> this is what you call ankle mvp visit. e legendary center officer fer age c note for whoer could stick the j. you got that shot back there. two shots each to cash there. a hundred dollars. >> shaq sheld out about a grand. plus some hall of fame advice. >> proud of you guys. suit sigh stai out of trouble. listen to your pair 5e7b9sd
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can be whatever you want to be. the the friends ending up with with priceless advice and the cops l lking cool in the community. where on this day everybody sheldon fox. 7 news ox now 7 weather with meteorologist brent cameron. >> well, our south florida sky started brightening throughout afternoon and a gorgeous sunset as we enjoy the brighter milder air. here's a check on the satellite. just a few clouds to doark rate that sky and the clouds are blowing in on the breeze which is now coming in off the ocean caw waw teartz 14 and keep in mind, that is basically shut off the cool air cn connection that was many place going in this morning with that chilly air. not going to get as cold starting to night. temperatures currently comfortable. upper 60s in homestead and west kendall. right around 70 degrees for most of miami-dade and broward
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we find a big weather system, the monster blizzard and snow storm that was impacting the northeast is long gone. but this is on it's heel. an area of police our heading on the lakes and south ahd west of that is the next front. we will continue to track mt. days lead. that front is generating a few isolated showers. doesn't look like a big deal now. lower mississippi valley extending into the gf of mexico but in time that will be quite a rain maker and even for us here at home. with well, we will stay dry night and more wier likely to be dry tomorrow. a few extra clouds. on the back side of high pressure. it temperatures will continue to go up and the next couple of days highs will be close to the 80 degree mark an then we're looking agent rain chances. you're boating forecast. use caution. seas four to six tonight. a moderate chop biscayne way and for nut keys. a small craft advisory has been issued for you.
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the morning hours tomorrow so keep that in mind. temperatures tonight. well, we're not talking about the real chilly air. just the six 350e6789s not bad even to crack on a window. low to mid 60s for the the better part of south florida and then highs as advertised above average for a change heading into your tuesday afternoon. complete with a breeze. now the wetter conditions come in for midweek. both wednesday and thursday some of which could be heavy. we could even have a few attered thunderstorms and once all that activity moves out. temperatures will come dn a bit once again. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> lynn: thank you very much brent. dose efnsz of companies in south florida are saying help wanted.d. listen up if you want a job. a megacareer fair held tomorrow at done shiewl la's h hel in miami lakes. 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. more than a thousand positions up for grabbing.
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security, cruise lines and i whole lot more. if you want more information on how to preregister for this job wear log on tower web site >> >> danielle: well, coming up next from the newsplex s. your room still totally 2015? how to update your space on a budget in tonights room for improve meant. >> i know quha that means. i think mine is 2000. a sneak preview of lieu sa ver at 6:00. now, you can find 7 news on facebook and twitter. just search wsvn.
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>> >> oil l- out wit the old and in with the new. >> danielle: new year. >> lynn: >> yes. >> danielle: it certainly s. our make over mistro is spice up a boring bedroom in tonights room for improve meant. >> new year, new home or so they say. realistically we have to work with what we have so on today's om for improve meant we're giving this room an update for 2016. the first thing we notice that needs an update and will change thth look of the space are the windows. one, 2, 3, ur. let's get to work. if you notice, this window is
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our solution to keep everything visually em balanced is to install the rod at the same height around the the entire room. next up, let's update the dresser. i've never been a fan of a mare mir or attacheh to i dresser especially when there's a tv on it. so by changing it to a media council. we'll turn it into a full body mirror make more use it out of it for the home owner. >> and pr perfection. love it. with the mirror gone and the shelf above. it now the dpresser makes more tense. before it wasas either a dresser or tv council. it was going through an identity crisis. so before the home owner had this flarr loom lam for lighting. i think we can do beer. what can i say. you can't beat a gorgeous table lamp especially with the crystal base. nothing gives the bed roop ankle instant make over than new bedding ch so of course with this huge king size bed, that's the next step. remember for the hotel look, have you to have lots of bill
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tours on the bed gives it a glamorous tile. the pillows go from biggest to smallest. d the details make it it all come together. >> and a good model to live by in the new year is live, laugh and love. and this guide to how to achieve a one day make over. you work with what you have to save money. switch things around and get a brand new look. wow pack factor for less. and get more info on i'll see you next time on the next room for improve meant. >> you can log into our web site to request a consultation with with margin. look at room for improvements. >> lynn: i so need new bedding. >> danielle: you do. >> lynn: no i just want it. >> reporter: >> lynn: just tired of looking at the same thaing. >> danielle: after 15 years
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>> lynn: that's 7 news at 6:00. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. seven now's 5:69:30 is now. >> his cop car shot up and somehow the officer living to tell about it. i'm thankful i'm still alive and still here. >> on just one station. after waking up to another chilly morning. south florida warming up to a change. the vice president able to fly out of south florida. but what about pangs passengers stranded at our airports. then two stories. first on # divment a fugitive busting out of a cop cruiser. bu police make sure he didn't get too far. another bizarre discover ri as the mansion of a na tore crows crime lord is reduced to rubble. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> now on just one station, an officer, the target of a barrage of bullets. >> right now'm hurt graight
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>> he says it's a miracle he is alive. >> i made it so i guess it wasn't time to go yet. as he shares with 7 news his survival story. >> good erchg. police say a gunman w on a mission to kill. that's right. he drove up to that officer's car and unloaded round after round. 7's rosh low live at aventura hospital where he smoke exclusively it to the victim. rosh. let me tell you right off the bat tonight. story is in credible on so many leaf vessmentsz first off you have this miami gardens police office simply doing his job when he was literally ambushed police say. he i very fortunate to be alive. and then vut otherituation which we will get noovment this officer is down to his last dollars and needs the community's help. all through this though, heaz a tremendous a. faith. in fact i spent quite some time with david starling and the story you're about to see, he he wanted to get his message taught
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and family video caipped in sish
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